Not Just a Toy!

Message to Parents

The K’s Kids Parents’ Support Center is the extension and application of the K’s Kids learning triangle.

The value of a toy is not based solely on fun, but the balance of fun and learning. As a child’s developmental process is a process of learning, a high quality toy is one that allows the child to learn and play at the same time.

The K’s Kids Learning Triangle is the foundation of all K’s Kids products. From concept to structure, and from the color of a button to the placement of a mirror, all details of our products are designed based on the nine developmental aspects of the K’s Kids learning triangle.

By buying a K’s Kids product, you have at the same time purchased an individually and carefully designed learning system.

The K’s Kids Parents’ Support Center provides guidelines on how kids can make use of the toy to have fun and learn at the same time. These guidelines are based on children’s age and developmental stages.

Through the web, the K’s Kids Parents Support Center provides comprehensive after-sales support to parents who have purchased K’s Kids products. It helps parents take full advantage of the educational elements of our products.

When parents buy our products, it is the beginning of our relationship, not the end.

The mission of K’s Kids is to be a partner you can count on in helping your child grow and enjoy learning. Are you a parent trying to find the right toy for your child? Or are you exploring the learning values of a K’s Kids toy you own? You can find all

Bring a K’s Kids toy home today…and begin the journey of fun learning!